Trump’s Re-Tweet Reveals Media Hypocrisy

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Daily Wire YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Ben Shapiro dissects President Donald Trump’s social media posts regarding his relationship with the Jewish community and the media’s reaction to them.

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  1. NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE MIGHTY ! TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBEY!!!

    1. Better believe it!

      And he has more than half of the country backing him up!

      1. Anybody who backs up or supports d trump is as much of a INSANE IDIOT & a MENTALLY ILL MORON as He Himself is!

        1. Serious case of TDS going on there Betty, stop drinking the Kool-aid and you’ll be ok. smh

        2. You are a wacko leftist,socialist moron!!!!!

    2. d. trump is only the ( Chosen One? )in proving that our current president is Nothing But a M-F—KING MONKEY!

  2. d. trump is a disgusting piece ov trash

    1. You’re confusing him with the true racist, liar, divider-in-chief, Muslim-lover Barack Osama. Couldn’t wait till that a-hole got out of office. Don’t worry, Trump will be gone in January 2025. Until then, enjoy the ride.

      1. If d trump is not voted out of office untill 2025, then America will be Riding Straight To HELL With mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE in charge of (RUINING) this country!

        1. John, in describing d. trump, you left out the words, (A WALKING, TALKING PILE OF SICKO CRAP!)

  3. Funny that moochelle was living with obummer before they were married by her own admission, now who us the whore?

  4. While I personally am not crazy about Donald Trump, he is exactly what this country needed. Some one who isn’t afraid to put America first. Betty the only election collusion was with the head of the DNC and crooked Hillary to rig the democrat primary. If you are naive enough to believe in the Democratic Party you are the one that is an insane idiot and a mentally ill moron.Enlightened democrats are leaving the party in droves because the party has left the people.

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