AOC Says The Electoral College Is A ‘Scam’ That Hurts Minorities

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GOP congressional candidate Scherie Murray reacts to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) claim that the Electoral College is a “scam.”

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  1. AOC is a stupid commie butch. The Electoral College is designed to prevent MOB RULE, which is exactly what the left wants.

  2. Alexandra “OH-CRAZY” Cortez must not be. Covered by any media entity to avoid putting people in confusion. New yorkers please, next elections, try to send a sane representative of your state to congress. . GET RID OF BLABBER-MOUTHED WOMAN LIKE “OH-CRAZY”….

    1. A scam… does she mean like transferring almost $1 million from campaigns to her and her campaign manager’s private company? No wait, that’s actually felony fraud. I just looked up “electoral college…” – the only place I could find it is in the U.S. CONSTITUTION!

  3. Rep. Cortez is obviously too ignorant to understand that she is an ignoramus, who came into a freak situation called an election in a District that had a reputation for not bothering to vote. Ergo, the fact that she was elected as a Democrat, an automatic in NYC boroughs, even if only a hand full votes there.
    A flea could have won, no one would have opposed it!
    It is no wonder why NYC is in the condition it now is. NYC keeps electing anyTHING that runs on a Democrat-Socialist ticket. So, you get Socialists and you deserve them.

  4. If she had a real clue she’d know it’s exactly the opposite. Only those States with high populations would run the country. She should check the demographics of the United States.

  5. It’s a scam for you an your party. Because if there were no electoral college then all of a few states would say who is president an there would be no more republicans presidents. Ever because California has more dumbbutt dems than Republicans. New York so no way you piece of crap person

  6. What an ignorant fool AOC is.

  7. Leave the Electoral college vote alone. It makes it fair for the smaller states to be counp. Our for fathers were a hell a lot smarter than the Democrats idiots think . Vote Red and save our constitution.

  8. Don’t change the Electoral College Vote in place. Our for fathers did this so the smaller states would be counted. They were a hell of a lot smarter than you Democrats are today. Vote Red and for the Electoral College stays in the Constitution.

  9. AOC is a socialist communist, anything that comes out of her mouth is pure Sh;t. There is no way that the electoral college is racist. Your vote means as much as my vote. I wish she and Bernie Sanders would both move to Russia. That is where they both belong!!!!

  10. I believe also believe t*e same. W*at do you mean t*at t*eir vote won’t be counted because t*ey are a small state? Of course it will be counted wit* t*e popular vote. T*ey are voting are t*ey not? So t*eir vote will be counted. *ow do we know t*at Personnel in t*e Electoral College are *onest? I’m not saying racist, We are t*e only country t*at* does E C. I *ave discuss it many times wit* friends. For me AOC *as a point t*ere. My opinion. *My * doesn’t work, sorry.

  11. Not fair t*e letter between G and J doesn’t work. Tat is w*y I’m using te sign.

  12. Doesn’t AOC make well over $100,000 and still trying to get a higher salary yet blocked thousands of jobs for her New York constituents? New Yorkers wake up! THAT’S THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER!

  13. This little girl needs to return to school instead of returning to congress !!! She is on e wacko in the image of Bernie

  14. It’s a scam, if our Founding Fore-Fathers have The Electoral College riped to shreds and is not part of OUR electoral process. We The People can not have over populated states elect our presidents for the rest of the country nor have them make the decisions for other states. This is why states such as Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas, Alaska, Oklahoma, Ohio, West Virginia and so many more, should have a great interest in saving what our Fore-Fathers had provided for all Americans to have a role in our elections!

  15. Amazing! AOC and the socialist democratic party believe that she is, and they are, actually “smarter” than the founders of this awesome country belonging to We The People. The Electoral College was established for two reasons: to create a buffer between the population and the selection of the Presidency. AND more importantly…they feared a tyrant (ie…in my opinion…someone like a socialist who would NOT uphold and protect our Constitution and freedoms) could manipulate public opinion and come to power.

    Again, in my opinion the biased media is doing an outstanding job of pushing the Democratic Socialist Party to the forefront of daily news and supporting their positions. I am unable to listen to or read their unAmerican drivel.

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