ALERT: Trump Makes FINAL Decision On His 2020 VP Running Mate

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Connor Mannion from MediaITE reports, President Donald Trump praised Vice President Mike Pence and indicated he will keep him as his running mate for the 2020 election. Trump was asked if he was happy with Pence as vice president and if he planned to run for re-election with him.

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    1. Love it and them as the dynamic DUO with the Lord guiding them to what is fair and right for the USA and all true Patriot USA Citizens that support God, Israel and the United States of America.

      1. Amen! VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    2. I am glad to hear that Pres. Trump is going to keep Mike Pence as his running mate….He is one of the most decent, intelligent, and loyal person that he could choose to be his vice president ……Good Luck Donald and Mike…….God bless both of you and your families…….


    3. Mike Pence is a proven adjunct to an effective supporter of loyalty to the President. Pence is a steadying hand and help to the President.

    4. So happy That President Trump and Mike Pence are running mates

    5. They work well together. Good choice. We just need to get rid of liberals and rino’s, so they can continue the work of the people, instead of Democrats, who only work for themselves

  1. Why the bleep not. Best VP in ages.

    1. Absolutely good decision. Pence is of sound mind and not demented like sleepy Joe.

  2. I knew it was VP Pence. President Trump has to make his VP more visible so he can carry on the Republican booms started by President Trump. I also believe that future President Pence will be just as strong as our current President.


  4. Vice President Pence is a terrific choice for President Trump’s running mate in 2020! Great pair for a landslide win over any DumboCrap!!

  5. I am pleased he will be running with Mike Pence again. They are GREAT together.

    1. I agree with and am pleased that Pres. Trump picked Mike Pence.

  6. I love both, they are the best together. Never in the history of USA have been a dynamic duo like this two.
    The best President and Vice President in the history of the USA, God bless them and their family and God bless the USA.

  7. If something isn’t broken why would one chose to replace it? PresidentTrump and Vice President Pence are a winning pair.

  8. Donnie and I are so glad President Trump is keeping VP Mike Pence as his 2020 running mate. He is a wonderful Christian man and does everything he can do to help President Trump. What a wonderful pair to run our wonderful country!!!!! God bless the both of you and your families as you embark on the next phase of your lives and that God will continue to bless you with all the bountiful blessings He has to offer. We love the both of you and your families.

  9. So glad Mike pence is to be Trumps VP again, he is the perfect fit for him. Such a strong, peaceful man. He fits and compliments the pres.
    cousin jen.

  10. What a great team you two make. Along with everyone else that is on board with you. Just with the Dems. would quit what they are doing to the U.S.. Trump 2020.

  11. President Trump could not have a better VP than Mike Pence. He had no other choice because another choice just doesn’t exist. They have both done a perfect job together and will continue for another four years to make the democrats complain, criticize and sweat.

  12. Lets do it 4 more years and complete the job. Still alot of house cleaning to do in this country and make America even GREATER! Trump & Pence 2020!!

  13. Great decision, Mr. President! It’s what everybody has expected! Looking forward to VP Pence continuing to carrying out their house cleaning in this country and MAGA. May God continue to bless and guide you both in every aspect. Gratefully yours,

  14. trump keeping pence as v p. is music to my ears. they make a great team . trump pence 2020.

  15. I am very pleased he is keeping Vice President Pence as his running mate. They make a good team! Mike Pence is a very loyal and positive force and has defended the President throughout his term.

  16. Great tem. Keep up the excellent work. The United States is stronger with these men at the controls. Excellent

  17. Good news, glad to hear that. Someone mentioned “the dynamic duo”- – yes, just like Batman and Robin!! Sorry, just had to add a little humor there,

  18. Thank You JESUS! I’m thankful to Almighty God for placing two America loving men leading our great country

  19. May no weapon formed against them prosper! Thanking God for His protection of them and their families…

  20. This is a team placed in the White House and government by God Almighty. Say what they wish God has the last word. this team needs to seek a guest sport of Son Life Broadcasting located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Frances Swaggart hosts a world wide talk show Monday thru Friday. No advertising sold
    The one place where the truth is spoken.

  21. Very pleased to know that President Trump’s running mate as Vice President for the 2020 elections will be Mr. Pence!!!! God bless them and our country!!!!!!!

  22. YES , Mr. Trump is Right Again…. God Bless Both..

  23. This article and the comments are unbelievable to say the least!!! This is not the way I heard it, and I have heard–no, We have heard, terrible, horrible things about VP Pence. It appears that these terrible, horrible things were going on with VP Pence while he was in office in Indiana. The word is that “they” have evidence on a video or videos, etc., etc., etc. I don’t believe a word in any one of the comments here; and, of course, do not believe the article at all in any way. I would have to hear this from President Trump, AND WE KNOW he KNOW about VP Pence!!!

  24. I don’t believe this article and I don’t believe these comments. Very unlike normal comments with people that are for President Trump and I am for President Trump, but this is just unbelievable to say the least.

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