Trump Gives Warning, This Will Happen If He Doesn’t Get Re-Elected And It’s Terrifying

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Connor Mannion from MediaITE reports, President Donald Trump threatened that the economy would crash if he loses re-election in a tangent while he was attacking the Federal Reserve for not cutting interest rates.

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  1. LIARS The president DIDN’T threaten anything. He pointed out, correctly, that if he’s defeated the stock market will crash. We will lose a champion for jobs, a strong economy and healthy trade.

    1. RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You said it John.

      I don’t know if any of you have seen the latest on Old Man Bernie, no offense to any seniors out there please understand I’m a senior as well.

      You have to read what he says his going to Do if elected that just came in.

    3. Puleeeze
      If you had a brain in your head you would see DT for what he really is: a narcissistic sociopath who puts himself before everyone and everything else….

      1. Donald Trump is not the problem Harriet…The Democrats and some Rhinos are in fact wanting to change this country for the worst. Have you ever been to a Socialist country? Well, I have. Democrats are all for Socialism. Socialism destroys countries. They take over the economy then they take evrything else and tax the hell out of you till you have nothing. Democrats promise everything until they get in and nothing happens. Look at their districts. Waters funneled money into her husbands business and lether district run down and rapid with crime. Same with N.Y., California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, etc. Every country that had Socialism was ruled by Democrats. I was a Democrat but switched to Independent. I know bull When I hear it. No matter how yountwist it….Socialism “IS” Communism. Democrats want to get rid of God, our countries flag, our amendment rights. Sorry my dear…but just about every Demicrat running for President should be in prison. Beto, Sparticus, Bernie, Harris, etc. They are not worth being in the White House. Not one of them. Demicrat Party is now the Communist party. AOC, Omar and the others are a disgravce to this country also. Wake up sweetie and stop wRching propaganda.

        1. So right! If you are here by birth-rite or illegally, and you do not like our Constitution or laws; leave! No one is forcing you to be here sucking our livelihood away. There are countries in every other continent who are already livivg the way you think best. Go live there. Look up your grand and great grandparents and find out why they fought so hard to come here and start a better life for you pompous brats! We don’t want you here, we don’t need you here; but you may die here soon, if you wish. We don’t need your form of cancerous propaganda! Tata.

      2. Hahahaha! Your brain is in a CIA echo chamber! (America 1st) (KAG)

      3. Puleeze adds nothing to your judgmental and incorrect comment. It only reveals the narcissistic sarcasm within yourself. Reflect and see truth instead of hatred.

      4. Hmmm 62 million Americans disagree with your view. DT IS SENT BT GOD. GOTTA LOVE HIM.

    4. Can anybody point out one good thing Muslim Obama did while he was in office for 8 years? If Hillary would of won this country would be back to the Depression of the 40s.

      1. This is finally the most Patriotic American president ever. Finally a President for the people and country. Not special interest lobbiests and Koch corporations. Soros does not tell Trump what to do. Illegal Spanish speaking lifetime welfare indigenous people are ruining this country. Not a racist or color thing stupid, but an economic reason and criminal reason to stop it. Build that Wall.

    5. Correct. Heed his warning or suffer the consequences. That is not a threat but the facts. President Trump is the best and only chance to continue the recovery from the previous disaster of the Obama Administration. Trump has done more good for America in less than 4 years than any President in the last decade or possibly ever.

    6. You are very correct .. There be a THIRD WORLD WAR

  2. I hope he is not re-elected as I think things will be better!

      1. You mean extreme stupidity actually

    1. You are a sick person Heaven Help Us all if this momentum is stopped if you are not any more intelligent than that just keep quiet your word means nothing

    2. Things could NOT be any better!!! Our economy is booming, and people are working!!! That was NOT true before. The oil field is back, and people have money to spend again!!!

      1. You are truly brainwashed. You are one of his minions that hangs on every word that comes out of his lying mouth. His arrogance and ego is beyond disgust. Loser.

        1. Better than being an Obama minion . He has his followers so brainwashed. they cant think for themselves. What a waste of 8 years for our great country. Trump all the way in 2020!

          1. at least he got us out of the hole bush put us in

        2. The only stupid loser here is you, Susan! Talking like that hints
          that you are on welfare or you are a simple minded Democrat!
          You,Susan, need to apply for a brain transplant along with a
          number of your fellow Demo rats!

        3. from a marine you are a zombie there will be a big war if trump isn;t elected which big rock will you hidem under

      2. and the illegals are eager to do the jobs that the Americans will not lower themselves to do

    3. I agree with you. The situation in this country has degraded beyond belief. I’m 65 and can say that without a doubt.

      1. Also agree that the country is so much worse and dangerous since idiot trump was ejected . He lies all the time !!!!!!!

        1. Lies all the time? That’s the left talking point. Your coon lied every time he opened his mouth. Ocooncare being the biggest one.

    4. You are visiting the wrong site.

    5. Wake up. Trump will be re elected. That’s a gimmie.But if he didn’t, we would crash.

      1. The only way America will “CRASH” if mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs White House WORTHLESS WHORE Gets Another Four Years In that Grand Residence. GOD Save Us All From A Pair Of trump GUTTER TRASH!

        1. You don’t like your tax cut, freedom of speech? Do you own a gun? Want to keep it? The First Lady is the best one we’ve had!!

        2. Obama did and we barely survived it! So call all the names you want. Truth is truth! God Bless America, and wipe out cancerous cells such as yourself!

    6. Joyce I’ll say what everyone else that’s reading your post is thinking, YOUR AN IDIOT!

    7. No they wont. Medicare for all is a joke. I work with Medicare…they will never pay for pre-existing. It will also tax the hell out of all of us till we have nothing. Illegals will be getting insurance before anyone else…who pays for it…me and everyone els. Green deal will put this country into the poor house. Distroy it. It will cost trillions. Wake up my dear. Nothing the Demicrats want has ever been good. They are also the ones spreading hate and racism. You must hate this country to want Socialism for that is Communism. You dont have to like Trump, but he is the best we have for this country. Democrats want open borders ….will open borders bring crime, drugs, etc. a country with open borders is no longer a country..How can that be good?

    8. You don’t know squat! The left will take our retirement and savings to pay for all the free stuff they want to buy votes. All those promises having nothing to do with the people!! Remember that!

    9. You MUST be at the DARK SIDE to much.. You might as well KISS your JOB, HOUSE, SAVING’S, and Anything and Everything you HAVE or OWN will be gone for ever .. NO STOCK MARKET, NO BANKS, NO

    10. Joyce, You’re one that doesn’t realize that the democraps free abortion/gay lifestyle way of life has decreased the democraps voter base. That’s why they need open borders, to promise free handouts to everyone, just to get cheap votes. Do any of you have any kind of brilliance to figure out if you put all the money in a pot and divide it up evenly, it would last about 3 months! Then what will you do when no one works, just collects, from nothing?

  3. American’s better wake up and appreciate this president who has put himself at risk to save America and our liberties. People can attack him for being crude spoken at times, but he has stood up for all America was founded upon – the liberties, freedom, right to worship God (who has blessed this nation!) and I, for one, thank God every day for him and all he is doing… and has done for America! He will sure get my vote!!!

    1. why would we appreciate the evil greedy man Christ said it is easier for a camel to go tohrough the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven.
      But it also apply to rich greedy selfish.

      1. Greedy? He’s working with out a pay check. He donates all his pay. What did your coon ever donate?

      2. You have no idea what the “ quote from the Bible means “. What does the phrase , easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle , then for a rich man to enter into heaven ! ? What is the eye of a needle ? You are saying out of your own ignorance that Trump is going to hell ! You don’t know that . Trump has done more good for America than Obama ever did for America !

    2. I agree with you 100%, we better re-elect President Trump. The Democrats are trying to destroy America. It concerns me that America can not see what they trying to do. Socialism will destroy America. Then what will happen to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren?

      1. What will happen to our children, grandchildren & great- grandchildren in a (D. TRUMP-LESS) FUTURE Is is a future promising COMMON SENSE, HOPE, TRUTHFULNESS & HONOR! A Very Welcome Change After The NIGHTMARE Future Of The Past Four Years Filled With NOTHING BUT LIES, DECEIT & DISHONOR Under a BRAIN DEAD BULLY, A STUPID STINKING SICKO & HIS LATEST, DIME A DOZEN, GOLD DIGGING, BIMBO!

        1. Common sense ? There is no common sense in the Democratic Party . If you think it’s common sense to turn a freedom country to a Socialist Country , Muslim Nation , then you are having an intelligent break down !everything we Americans have worked hard all our lives will be for nothing , everything will be taken from us . I want my freedom , and I’m not sitting back and watch a new administrator take everything from me !

    3. Agree Lana…..many on this site dont have a clue that these so called Democrat Leaders are in fact in it for themselves only. They dont care about you or this country. Wake up people and stop listening to this propaganda. If you vote Democrat…then you must truly hate this country for they want Socialism….Socialism is Communism. Wake up.

  4. Trump is spot on. Thank God he will win in 2020 or we will be like Iran is now.

  5. You know I understand why that gentleman or person feels that way because the news that he’s probably listening to, has filtered out all the information he needs to make a decision on the actual facts. IE: The tariffs, if you listen to the news media you would think oh my God we’re going to go broke because of the tariffs, very untrue very very untrue.

  6. Liberals are morons and don’t want to work they want to get paid but but work. They want all the benefits but not work, they hate all the people who want to MAGA with jobs and safety. Criminals will always like criminals and most socialist and communist are criminals

      1. How do you call yourself true_truthseeker nothing you’ve said here is even close to the truth.

        How can you call anyone who is willing to defend all Americans rights, who has raised our economy, gas lowered our unemployment to the lowest it’s been in decades, has had his entire world turned upside down, inside out, has been investigated for one bogus thing after another since day one with not one thing being found to Warrent any if them, has had his entire family attacked in every way posdible . . .



        You are a disgrace, and you are such a coward you don’t even have a real name on here.


      2. I have bad tinnitus so I don’t listen to what our President says, instead I see what he has done for our Country, the improvement in our economy, the jobs, employment he’s made available to all our people, his kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness of people in trouble. I don’t care if he “don’t talk so good” or is boastful. We’ve had other presidents who weren’t very articulate and we’ve had some very articulate knaves in the oval office, too. I also know that his heart’s in the right place for the citizens of this great Country. He could have bought an island somewhere and left us to the encroaching demise of socialism, communism and living under the totalitarian dictatorship of the Washington elitists, but he chose to try to bring America back from the brink. Had I realized back in 1960 that the communists would succeed as well as they have in brainwashing and indoctrinating our offspring, I would have gone into law instead of nursing. It’s going to take a real awakening for the leftists to realize how much they have been lied to and hoodwinked by the media, schools and government. By the time they realize they’ve been used and they themselves no longer have a value to the establishment, it will be too late. They weren’t taught critical thinking. The left used their emotionality instead of logic and reason to control them.

      3. Like d trump Also Actually Believes His LIES In His SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN. As The BULLYING MORON He Has Proven Himself To Be Again & Again Every Time He Opens His STUPID MOUTH!

      4. Ralph…Your a lost cause. You dont have a clue whats going on. Democrats have always lied. Every country that has been destroyed was run by Demicrats. Wake up and do some research.

      5. What lies has he told ? That he cut taxes ? That unemployment is down ? That more jobs are created ? Many jobs were closed by Obama , thousands lost their jobs . Trump opened those jobs up . More jobs created , unemployment down ! He cut Medicare costs ? My Medicare costs are way down , plus getting more benefits than when Obama was president . So how has he lied ?

    1. You have got to be kidding. Obama did nothing for this country. Wake up America.

      1. Right On, graylin. Obama did Nothing To America Including BULLYING, LYING TO & MISLEADING IT! Which Certainly Cannot Be Said About d trump, That Walking, Talking Pile Of SICKO CRAP In Human Form!

      2. You people do remember the housing crash in America? 2008. That was the Democrats and Obama that pulled this Country out of a Global crash. tRump was handed am Economy already stable and going up in 2016. Wait for it tRump lovers, he is telling you all lies and only cares about himself. Learn to read and stop listening to BS people like this FAKE NEWS source. Pathetic!

        1. It was the Democrats that put us In that situation you moron it was there laws they controlled congress you idiot you better wake up and smell the coffee is was also President Bush who authorized the money for all those bailouts then the Dems stole almost one trillion from us taxpayers follow the money you moron

    2. You really hate America and everything it stands for , don’t you ?

    3. The best day of my life was when the Obamas left the White House!

  7. Liberals made your smartphones. They engineered the cars you drive. they design the tablets and computers you use at home and at work every day. California has an economy so big, it could be the 6th largest i the world. So tell me again, Who are the lazy people?

    1. Okay, now tell me why all that you mention is now labeled “MADE IN CHINA”?? YOUR technology has been raped …. wake up!!

  8. The president never threatened about anything. Liars, haters and enemies of progress are putting sh–t into their own mouths and vomited it out to claim it’s Trump’s sayings. Besides, Trump said the right thing. No president can be compared with Trump. He knows what he’s doing. But haters are obstructing him. Regardless he’s jumping the huddles to achieve his goals. HES GREAT. TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND KEEP IT GREAT. HE’S DOING EXACTLY THAT. HE’S THE BEST SO FAR. HATE HAS BLINDED HIS HATERS–ENEMIES OF PROGRESS.

    1. Vincent, you are exactly right in what you’re saying!

  9. I agree with you Vincent, everything you posted is the truth the whole truth so help us all God.

    1. vincent, d trump, (AKA CRAZY donald) would not know the Truth even if it Bit Him On His BUTT & It Seems a republican RETARD Like You Doesn’t Either!

  10. I agree with you Vincent, everything you posted is the truth the whole truth so help us all God.

    All required fields are marked have been filled only two have astericks, name and Email, I also filled in website. required fields are filled in. I am requesting you publish it thank you.

  11. I am sure you agree the real hate mongers and racist who can’t accept they lost. They have to maintain power over us the voters to ensure they remain in power. They will do anything, anything to achieve this goal. They must be soundly defeated in 2020. Gary

  12. At the core of your being you have all the answers; you comprehend who you are and you understand what you must do.

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