Trump Admin Announces New Requirements For Green Card Applicants

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Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli holds a press conference in the briefing room. #FoxBusiness

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    1. These are the same requirements my great great grandparents, great grandparents and grandparents had to prove when they were processed entering the United States from Ireland and Germany through Ellis Island, before and after the Statue of Liberty was erected. This is old law and regulations that have been in effect for a long time, it just hasn’t been enforced. This legislation is not “racist” in any way, shape or form. This legislation has not discriminated against any race, creed, color or nationality in the past, and it won’t going into the future. No one has been able to describe how this legislation is racist in any way, because it is not. Simply calling something “racist” does not make it so.

      1. PS-The Immigration Act of 1882 gave the US government authority to prohibit entry to people who were likely to become a “public charge.” The Emma Lazarus poem “The New Colossus” was not written until 1883, in order to raise money to construct a platform on Ellis Island for the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France. The poem has never been part of immigration legislation or policy and was never intended to be.

      2. You are absolutely correct TERENCE….ALL of our LAWS, especially our Immigration laws should have been enforced all along but due to LIBERAL INTERFERENCE & INFLUENCE they have not been….we need ICE and our BORDER PATROL and WALL now more than ever!

    2. Good! America is the place to improve your life not living off welfare. #1. Speak & read English before coming here.
      2. Knowledgeable of any trades or have any degree.
      3. In good health. No communicable diseases
      4. Not a burden to anyone.
      5. No criminal records.

    3. Its not racist. Any other country says you have to be selfsufficient to live there. Why should America allow people in that only want to take and not give? I see people on food stamps that sell them for drugs, alcohol etc. Im tired of my taxes paying for others to live. Let them pay their own way. Thank you President Trump.

  2. Sorry, Philip Traynor, but you are obviously ill-educated on the subject of legal immigration in this country. Get yourself some education on this subject of immigration and Green card requirements. The legislation has been in place for a long time, is well founded and those of us who have availed ourselves of the privilege of living and working in America and becoming citizens firmly believe in legal immigration with the same rules for everyone.

    1. Thank you MBR722 for setting this ignorant Traynor straight regarding Immigration… put into words what many of us felt!

  3. great retort and thanks for straightening out MR Traynor!!

  4. There should be no requirements, the program should not exist, America is extremely overpopulated, every immigrant allowed to enter this country is a disservice to American citizens. Ban ALL immigration, and DEPORT the invaders who have been raping America for decades and costing us billions per year

  5. Most of us know the Liberal Dems. are extremely racist against white people and any person who loves America. We can’t move to any other country and live off their people. You must have money and become a legal citizen in order to vote also! This country, Dems. want the illegals here for the votes, only way they would win.

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