Liberal ‘One Percenter’ Says He Suffers From Wealth Anxiety

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News Business YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, columnist Liz Peek, MAXFunds founder Jonas Max Ferris and Forbes senior contributor Bruce Japsen react Adam Roberts’ claim he struggles with being progressive and rich after inheriting an estimated $1.2 million.

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  1. Get a grip. Grow up. Not everyone needs to be poor. Stupid little fool.

  2. If he has a problem with having this money, I and many more will be glad to take some of it!

  3. Give ME the money if you don’t want it.

  4. Hey I will take some of it to help with his problem, we could really use it.

  5. There’s a lot of progressive/liberal 1%’ers, don’t kid yourself and, certainly, don’t feel guilty. Much richer progressives: Tom Steyer, George Soros and Getty’s, just to name three and they don’t seem to feel guilty. Spend your money to help our economy and your high taxation will also help our economy. That is the American way.

  6. It is my duty as a good Christian to help relive this man of his burdens. I will gladly take his check for a million dollars so as to relive his anxiety and allow him to sleep at night. It is the least I can do.

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