2 Rockets Fired From Gaza Toward Israel, U.S. Army Says

(ThePatriotSource.com)- According to the Associated Press, the Israeli military responded to two rockets fired by extremist Palestinian militants early on Saturday morning. Israel used aircraft to respond to the attack, which saw Palestinian rockets aimed at southern Israel.

Israeli fighter pilots targeted a rocket manufacturing facility, as well as military and training posts owned by Hamas, the extremist group that presently rules Gaza. The United States Army confirmed the response, and media reports in “Palestine” reported that the Israel rockets shattered windows in Gaza.

There were no casualties reported, as is frequently the case when Israel responds to attacks from Palestine that are designed to injure or kill as many as possible.

Palestinians fired the rockets on Friday, aiming for the Ashkelon, a coastal city in Israel. Israeli military officials said that their air defenses quickly intercepted the rockets. The “Iron Dome” system used in Israel lit up the sky as Israeli rockets intercepted the incoming bombs in the sky.

At present, no Palestinian group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which was the first rocket fire in several months.

The Israeli Defense Forces explained on Twitter how their rockets were targeted at a military post, underground infrastructure, and a rocket manufacturing site. The official account also warned that Hamas will “bear the consequences for all terror emanating from Gaza.”

Back in September, Israel and Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement, but attacks have continued.

It’s hard to cooperate and negotiate with terrorists…and Hamas never publicly acknowledged the truce in the first place.

Hamas accused Israel of not complying with the deal, and critics of Israel have decried the country’s development of a new hospital and industrial region.