11 SHOT During Violent Far-Left Riots In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(ThePatriotSource.com)- 11 people were shot during violent far-left riots overnight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Video footage and reports show how extremist left-wing activists continued setting fire to cars and objects in the streets of Philadelphia, in a so-called protest for “racial justice.”

According to Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley, who filmed outside of a business being looted by the far-left extremists, a 50-year0old man was also carjacked as he had filled up his car with stolen goods. All the items he stole from the business were stolen from him by other looters, all the while, violence spread and some 11 people were shot.

Looters are now looting looters.

“11 people shot while looting in Philadelphia so far since last night. ‘Looters were shooting looters,’” Keeley said.

Keeley also published footage of the inside of a looted local Walmart, which was completely destroyed and stripped of all valuable stock. It was even flooded with water.

Does this sound like “racial justice” to you?

Among the 11 shot during the far-left riots, initiated overwhelmingly by Democrat voters, was a 15-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man.

NBC Philadelphia said that it was unclear whether the 11 shooting victims were fatally wounded, but did say that some of the gunfire included looters shooting at other looters.

The left-wing rioters also proved how righteous their campaign was, attacking ATMs and attempting to steal cash.

Racial justice, am I right?